Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Morning

If you're reading this, you are probably not homeless and very, very cold.

That's Gratitude #1.

If you're reading this, you're probably not Barack Obama or Tiger Woods, so you don't have to deal with the weight of the entire world or what may feel like the weight of the entire world.


If you're reading this from almost anywhere in Canada, you may have noticed the great absence of mortal shells, skuds or other flying materiel.


If in Vancouver, it is a sunny, sunny morning, some flowers are still in bloom, some Christmas cacti are already showing the red, some hardy birds are still fluttering about and two or three of the NFL games today are really worth watching.


Then there's 1001 coffee shops with great espresso and not-too-fattening munchies, beaches to stroll and hills to climb, if strolling and beaches are still in your repertoire.

Your eyes and/or your glasses are apparently working, and if you listen to The Stones in a minute, so are your ears.

Gratitudes 5 through 9.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, David!! So true.

Anonymous said...

David, on a day like today
Gordo, James, not even the pending doom of the olympdicks can ruin the brilliant sunshine.

Keith said...

Raincity coffee shop in Lower Lonsdale "LoLo" has just closed their doors due to the economy.
A few doors away a real estate office has dozens of sold stickers on their window display properties.
A little further up the block a new real estate office has just opened it's doors.
This is a tale of two economies.

Ronnie said...

David, have you seen the latest Golf Digest cover, with the purely coincidental headline?

Anonymous said...

Ack! What a great headline in the Golf Digest. I'm a little concerned, though, by how Tiger's looming up behind the president...

Not Your Wife said...

I was thinking about how grateful I am about many things, just today. Easy to do in the exhileration of near-winter air that centres the mind beautifully.

Throw in a good swim, and life is pretty damn sweet.