Friday, December 4, 2009

My New Vision of "NO!" Justice

A man drives a truck into a restaurant.

First he waits until his path is clear.

He is bent on revenge of some kind.

The act is premeditated.

He kills two people and injures seven.

He is an alcoholic.

The geniuses who run something called The B.C. Review Board have decreed that this fellow will be set free next month - his crimes occurred last year - on only 10 conditions.

These conditions include, among other impossibilities, you must not drink.

Did I mention that he is an alcoholic?

My first question is this:

Who will be following this Living Danger around to monitor his Good Boy behaviour?

The parole and probation people no longer leave their offices. They spend all day filling out forms.

My second question is this:

Who reviews the Review Board?

These people are irresponsible in the extreme and when this lunatic kills his next innocent victims will Barry Long, Garnet Warrian and Lily Chow - the three members of the Review Board who have set free this walking time bomb -will they be held responsible? Will they even attend the funerals of Crazy Guy's next victims?

And my last question is this:

How do I get me appointed to this B.C. Review Board?

Whom do I have to know or blow?

I am sure there is a pleasant little remuneration attached to these duties.

But that's not the main reason I want this appointment.

The main reason I want the assignment is so that I can say, "NO!" over and over and over again to all the dangerous nut bars who think they should be walking around in my neighbourhood.

I want to sing "NO!"

I want to shout, "NO!"

I want to dance, "NO!" in a dizzying array of languages.


Chris M said...

The B.C.Review Board phone numbers are
(according to their website)
or B.C.Toll Free
If people with common sense want to phone and tell the Review Board what they think of this very strange and dangerous decision.
Done against the advice of psychiatrists.

Anonymous said...

Just keep blowing, Dave.

Jeff Taylor said...

Go for it David ! A little sanity on that board could only help it.

Dave C. said...


Reading your two commentaries today reminded me of "Alice in Wonderland". How did we get things so upside down? Why are we so zealously protecting the wrong people? Have the much publicized cases of mistaken convictions made us afraid of passing judgement on the antisocial individuals among us?

My dictionary includes "discernment" and "good sense" as definitions of judgement. It seems to me that we have confused making good decisions about those who are a threat to peace and order with being arbitrary or "judgemental". Is having the courage of your convictions now unfashionable?

While I'm certain that you would be a much-needed addition to the "Review Board", I truly believe that you are making a much more valuable contribution as a social-political commentator. This part of the world seems to be afflicted with terminal political correctness.


Anonymous said...

David its not much of a stretch to link the 4 cops in Tacoma to the people killed or injured in the sushi restaurant.

All 6 were murdered.
None of them were conected to their killer.(Not a crime of passion)

So if I am willing to kill at random because Im mad or sad or hung over or stoned I am way more dangerous than an angry lover , husband ,wife, business partner. The later list of killers should serve long terms with a chance at parole because they acted out of passion. The killers that kill because they were angry mad etc. might need phyciatric help but until the "review board" members are willing to live with these kooks as room mates they should stay in jail.

Put this review board in a coffee shop at the window. Put the piss tank in a high powered truck in the lot. If nothing happens fine. But repeat the senario every weekend for the next 20 years. Sooner or later you will have some job openings on that review board.