Saturday, December 5, 2009

Provinicial Priorities

In an excellent editorial yesterday, the Sun's Daphne Bramham, captures the way we ignore and disrespect our own history here in the greatest place on earth.

Writing about the dislocation of the BC Sports Hall of Fame, she points out the half a BILLION dollars that will go into the new roof at La Grande Mushroom vs. the $20 Million needed over the next few years to honor our best.

Read the piece and ask if we shouldn't rename this important and soon-to-be displaced institution The BC Hall of (Gordon Campbell) Shame.

By the way, the new Sea-to-Sky Highway gets considerable coverage in today's Globe. The road cost about one BILLION.

Apples and oranges?

Not really.

Think about it.


Jeff Taylor said...

David, it's so Canadian not to put a priority on past greatness. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

I don't even care much for sports - however I used to enjoy the pavillons at the PNE which used to house the Sports Hall of Fame, that great big map of BC, the displays of various community groups and the fantastic arts, crafts that won awards.

This was not glitz and glam. But it celebrated home talent - from sports stars to a really good crocheter.

Quite a loss really.

Norman Farrell said...

They don't understand how public business in conducted in this province. Perhaps the BC Sports Hall of Fame refused to hire well connected lobbyists to make their case to Victoria. They should ask for $500 million out of which a healthy portion would be budgeted for approved strategic advisors and consultants.