Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sshhh...We're Canadians

A comedian of very middling talent spoke recently about how dull and unassuming are we Canadians.

Our great gesture is the non-committal shrug.

We'll go along with practically anything as long as it doesn't actually bite.

Old comic territory, for sure.

But the Globe's Jeffrey Simpson has written a very good column today, listing the dozens of important matters that are left entirely unexamined in Canadian public life.

Aging population, health care, national energy policy, refugee/immigration issues, poverty, climate change, aboriginals, Afghanistan, and productivity for openers.

Just think about this.

The major broadcasters are sending you dozens of pathetic self-serving little messages these days about how Local TV Matters.

Yet...Can you name one regular political talk or interview segment that appears on Global or CTV or CITY?

Of course, here on the Wet Coast, we have award-winning baristas and an array of flavorful roasts. We have the sea and the mountains. And we have Boxing Day sales.

Alfred E. Neuman for President.


Anonymous said...

The problem in Canada is the type of Politician we now elect. They no longer represent Canada but their party. They are chosen for subservience to the party leader. Any MP that crosses the leader does not have his nomination papers approved period. There is also the very rich gravy train of perks, pensions, etc to be considered because if an MP doesn't serve the required terms - no payoff. (along with the proverbial back bench where there are no "extras' such as committee work, travel to conferences etc for the sinning MP.) Yes Sir Ottawa is a fine place for sheep BAAAAAA!

Evil Eye said...

Sadly Canada and BC are sort of "Village Idiots" in the "Global Village."

We have become blind to real issues from the bland and farcical media. Politicians know this and are taking the taxpayer to the cleaners.

BC has become a primer for corrupt politicians and police, for the public at large do not care or have past caring.

We live in an age of divine hubris. Please God, wake us up from the nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Hold on a sec.....there's a really cool song playing on my ipod right now.


Anonymous said...

David, this blog entry has proven to be prophetic. Who in comfy cozy Canada would have thought 4 soldiers and one reporter would die yesterday.

These 5 people have brought the total to 138 dead Canadians.

Who will reap the benefits of this waste of life. The Afgans? Yes we have built schools, allowed girls to go to school. Maybe some clean water. When this war is over and the armies all go home that barren wasteland will be changed.

Not likely.

So the answer must be that we never leave. Just let Canadians die for years and years . If they pull out in 2011 as planned how do we justify the deaths of 138 Canadians. They died so that we could leave without winning the war. How or what will winning that war change our lives? Will the world be a safer place? Or are we just giving extremists a reason to attack us at home.

We had better get down to it ,were down to 12 months of fighting the good fight. We need to win this war soon because some idiot in Ottawa decided that 2011 we will have killed enough young Canadians.