Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Word About "The Test"

Thanks for the many kind and encouraging comments about yesterday's test run of a video.

The content, the actually video, is an old piece I have had sitting on my desktop for ages. It is a sampler, what is called a "demo reel," that I have used for one purpose or another over the years.

The "testing" part was getting the thing uploaded to my blog.

I have been encouraged by a few friends to post video monologues or even interviews on the blog and to that end I have now tried about 14,000 different methods of doing so.

I bought a JVC Everio Camcorder.

It's wonderful.

The picture and sound are movie-quality, first-rate.

The thing boasts "one-touch YouTube upload."


I have two friends who are computer-wizards and even they have been pulling out their hair trying to solve this dilemma.

So yesterday, I tried a different system, "Vimeo."

Well, as you can see, it worked with that old demo reel.


It still won't take the material from my camera.

As of this morning, I think I may have another solution.


So, bear with me while I continue to try to solve this little annoying mystery.

In the meantime...

Would you be so kind as to tell me if you would prefer that I post video monologues or continue writing or offer a mix of the two?

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday.

There is still nothing wrong and everything right with the old traditional greeting:

Peace on earth and good will to men.


jonathanh said...

I think a mix of the two would be great! BTW, peace and good will to you too!

Jonathan Hamel

Gerry Verrier said...

Mix it up, David!

The best of wishes to you and your family and much prosperity in the new year, David.

Anonymous said...

Make that three votes - A Berner mix in the morning (or whenever) would be great.


Bob Turner said...

both my firiend , both


Gary L. said...

Mix of the 2 please!


Anonymous said...

Yet another vote for a 'mash up' -- the best of both worlds.

Merry Christmas and Belated Happy Hanukkah to you and yours.


Jeff Taylor said...

A mix PLEASE. Thanks David.
Best Wishes for 2010 from Toronto, out to you on the West Coast.

Anonymous said...

David, merry Christmas. Do whatever makes you happy . Whatever it takes to keep you interested in this delightful form of entertainment. Thanks for the blog

Anonymous said...

A mixture of both. It is nice to see you & hear your thoughts.

Leah said...

A mix please David! Some of the tone of your articles would actually be missed if it were in video format. Even spoken in your beautiful vocal timbre.

Thanks for the good wishes...returning them to you.