Thursday, September 10, 2009


Bill Good is being given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Websters this year.



Jeff Taylor said...

Bill Good, and the radio station he works at is so 'one-sided' and oblivious to the 'real word' in which 90 percent of us live in, it's basically near impossible to listen anymore. I'm not against the wealthy, nor am I against the not-so wealthy, BUT my god, PLEASE balance your radio shows to reflect the 90 percent of the population. I guess if Mr. Good is being recognized by an organization that for the most part recognizes and supports more of the 10 percent than the 90 percent, it's probably fitting.
One last thing about Billy Good. I love it when he interviews someone about climate change and he agrees with the guess that something has to be done to protect our air meanwhile he drove his car the 4 blocks he lives to where he works ! LOL. If he doesn't want to put on a pair of sunglasses and walk up the street, why not at least take a taxi (they're on the road driving any ways) and leave the late model BMW at home parked under the Coal Harbour tower ?

duke said...

Bill who?

Anonymous said...

Bill Boring lifetime achievement award should be for kissing-ass.

What used to be good radio in Vancouver has turned into a haze of nothingness with Bill Boring and the Liberal shill in the afternoon.

Don't listen much to NW anymore, seldom listen to Boring and never listen to Clark (advertisers take note)

If Boring is winning a Webster, the old man himself would be spinning in his grave with the decision!

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

I like Bill Good. And how do you know he doesn't do 7 errands in all directions after he gets off work? Taxis don't help there, nor does our poopy transit system. Get off the man's case. He's worked hard in this business for years and years.

Gary L. said...

How sad, as well as demeaning to past winners of this Award. I got tired of Vanilla Bill and his 9 regular callers about a year ago. If you exclude the fact that his Program is neither informative nor entertaining, it's not a bad way to spend a morning.
I remember a chap that used to be on NW Saturday and Sundays. His name escapes me, but it was something like David Bernier, Bernie Davidson, or Vern David.
I used to call often. I found him provocative, informed, and a person with principals. Most afternoons, I came away having learned something, as well as entertained.
I miss him. However, I still find the Host's on NW educational. For an example when Ms. Clarke come's on, I turn off the radio, and read a book..............

Anonymous said...

to be fair, Bill has had hip trouble, and just recently had hip replacement surgery.
Try walking four blocks with a bad hip.

Anonymous said...

David, Gary L remember your weekend show but the best of Berner was the Monday to Friday with yourself and Mr Faux. From 8pm till 4 am it was pure entertainment. I was driving a night shift job and the 2 of you made the nights fly by. Even your groupie Megan was a nice diversion.
I even miss Peter Warren whom Im proud to say exclaimed " same to you pal" just before he hung up on me.
Raif , if you could get past the fish farms was a good listen. And that brings me to Mr Good. ( his name is almost an oxymoron). He is like an infomercial huckster. He sells whatever he is told to sell. He seldom says anything controversial. He reminds me of Tokyo Rose or some sort of government sponsored mouth piece.
Oh how we miss NW back when it was interesting.