Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bargains! Hurry While They Last!

Here's watcha get:

Four tix to all events

Opening & Closing ceremonies

Gold Medal Men's hockey final (even if it's between Uruguay and Bosnia)

Spot in the torch relay

Supplied car and driver for all 17 days of event.



Only $285,000.

When calling, ask for the Club 2010 packages.

Cautionary note: Bleeeeep! ( a B-flat, I believe)

Careful to avoid giving out your home or office street address.

Big men in little white coats may soon arrive.

This is, remember, The People's Event.

It is bringing people together.

People with deeeeeeeeep pockets, that is.


Anonymous said...

David Ive said all for the rich and famous.

Maybe by the time Feb rolls around the H1N1 will have laid the entire city low with the flu. So for your 200 grand plus you might get to the front of a line at a clinic to get a shot. Oops your a non native so no luck. Only natives on the reservation with 250 gs can go to the games and enjoy

Or the prisoners with day passes can get a shot and go to the games. Oops no money there either.Hmm whos got that kind of money? Drug dealers. Crooked politicians.

Just kidding . This will be an event that brings us all together. I can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

My condo cost less than that and I'll be paying for it until I'm 85 years old. Lunatics alone will buy this package. God, just think of all the food it would buy for the hungry.