Saturday, January 2, 2010


Political cartoonists are journalists.

They comment on the passing scene, often with greater force and clarity than all the writers combined.

To see a cartoonist being marked for murder is sickening, but that is exactly what happened last night in Copenhagen.

It is sickening because such an assault strikes directly at the core of democratic freedoms.

The cartoonist, a 75-year old man, hid with his grandson in a "safe room," and the police arrived and shot the assailant several times. The man is In custody and in hospital.

Kurt Westergaard was targeted because of his images of the Prophet Mohammed.


Anonymous said...

OH WHAT A TOUCHY SUBJECT. I have seen the series of "Danish' cartoons and I am sad to say, they are not offensive. Again I am sorry to say to Muslims, it is much ado about nothing.

I have far worse cartoons depicting Christ and no where do I see demands for the death of the artist.

The Muslin religion is at a juncture and badly in need of a reformation. If change does not come and soon, the religion will be severely under attack.

I'm afraid it is too late for change and now comes decades of religious wars.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if a segment of this religion has developed a new form of rabies. Aside from attacks, murders, bombing etc in the West the inter faith killing among muslims is truly bizarre never mind the infidels of other religions.

Jeff Taylor said...

I certainly hope that there isn't anyone reading this blog that is surprised about it's content. This whole 'Muslims against the rest of the world' thing is only going to increase. One day, probably long after we are all gone, but none the less it's coming, there will be full body scanners at every Skytrain station intended to keep things some-what safe. Don't laugh, that day will come.

Anonymous said...

David, it would seem that its okay for cartoons to be offensive as long as they offend westrn cultures. After 9/11 one cartoon that made the rounds was a depiction of Bush being sodomized by Bin Laden. As disgusting as this was I doubt that anyone was put under a death threat because of it.
We have openned our boarders to the Muslims and we will now suffer the consequenses. I agree with J Taylor. the worst is yet to come.