Monday, January 4, 2010


Finding her beneath contempt or worthy of any attention whatsoever, I have never before commented on Nancy Grace.

Perhaps you have been spared the knowledge of this harridan.

Nancy Grace is a news anchor or plays a news anchor or is imitating a news anchor on Headline News, which shows up on channel 37 in the local cable market.

I believe she is a lawyer or was a lawyer before she became the TV arbiter of all things justice.

Night after night, Grace covers the same identical story with revolving players.

A child has been murdered/abducted/ raped.

The child is inevitably a sweet blond-haired girl, named Poppsy or Floppsy or Moppsie.

There are always grieving friends/relatives/parents.

There are always accused/suspect friends/relatives/parents.

There are always police and private investigators and correspondents or people posing as correspondents.

It's a kind of National Enquirer horror show for the chronically disengaged.

No doubt, Grace has a huge audience.

I always see Nancy Grace for about 20 seconds as I cruise through the channels.

Last night I lingered for almost 90 seconds.

That was all I could bear.

Here was her story for the night, complete with reports from the field.

Tiger Woods had one of his bimbos in his California house the night his beloved father died. He left the house to go over to the place where his father was dying. He came back and had sex with his paramour and then received the phone call that his father had died.

And like that.

This is really beyond the pale.

Leave us set aside for just a moment what you or I or the farmer next door may think of Tiger Woods.

How invasive can a cheesy broadcaster be exactly?

No wonder the poor slob is hiding out.

Why is this Grace person on the air?

Why is this kind of unsubstantiated attack allowed by the owners of this "service" to be sent out for public consumption?

This is the worst and most destructive kind of rumour-mongering.

And it poses as journalism.

Please do not write me and tell me about Tiger.

Tiger is not the point, and you and I don't know a damn thing about Tiger.

The point is how some places in journalism have become outhouses.

This woman makes Montel and Jerry Springer look like Cardinals in Rome.


Anonymous said...

Again I must thank you Mr Berner for this blog about Nancy Grace-- what I do not understand is why her audience holds; why so many continue to revel in others sorrows and lives- sad state is it not-- I did not know she had gone after Mr Woods but I am not surprised- not much we can do about getting her off the air but we can choose not to watch and I do.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thank you David - you have articulated my views exactly on Nancy Grace - what a waste of time and money her entire show is - cannot watch it for a minute.

Jeff Taylor said...

Why is Nancy Grace on the air ? Simple, she has ratings. Why does she have ratings ? She has ratings because people would rather see how bad 'other' people are compared to themselves. It makes them feel much better about themselves. Much like you, I can't take much more than 30 seconds of her. The sad reality is though, North Americans eat this stuff up. Why do you think that some news hours and newspapers are closing up shop ? Simple, they for the most part speak about life's little realities. Many, many, many people in our society DON'T live in reality anymore.

Dave C. said...


Couldn't agree more. Pandering to sleaze addicts.

But your post reminded me to suggest that you consider setting aside an occasional day for your readers to submit their pet beefs for your consideration.

Assuming that you think this has merit, I'll submit my first - those insurance company ads that con young kids into believing what the announcer offers them only to excuse himself by chiding the kid for not asking questions about the offer. Despicable.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of Nancy Grace. That is the advantage of not subscribing to cable.

Anonymous said...

Her show reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray -- every time I surf through the channels and happen to land on her show, she's talking about the same child murder case. She's a Pitt Bull with bleached blond hair and she is completely unwatchable. Actually, I take that back, Pitt Bulls are much softer, gentler creatures than Nancy Grace.


Norman Farrell said...

I treat CNN as unwatchable now, at least in North America. Nancy Grace is simply one example of ugliness infecting part of American radio and television. This craziness is not new either; it's an American tradition.

When I was a kid, I listened to crack-pot evangelists on radio stations crackling across the border. Not understanding the underlying illness and social danger, I found them hilarious. We called them the "Kill a commie for Christ" crowd and they made modern day hate mongers look liberal.

Nancy Grace, the entire Faux News cast, Limbaugh and all those others are minor and major iterations of Charles Coughlin, a Canadian-born RC priest who was a superstar (the first)of hate broadcasting until driven off radio in 1939.

Canada is beginning to follow down this bad road. That results in Corus cutting loose a local polymath (no name mentioned Mr. B) so they could run syndicated talk show ideologues. And, explains why CBC can suddenly feature a "personality" like Kevin O'Leary on various platforms.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills