Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heroes, Reconsidered

Yesterday, I wrote in this space about the un-necessity of having heroes.

On the other hand...

There is Miep Gies.

She died this week at the age of 100.

She was the last of Anne Frank's four protectors.

She was an ordinary woman who only did what she thought was right.

God willing, may we all be so ordinary.

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Jeff Taylor said...

In this day and age, how many people (especially North Americans) would put their own necks on the line like this woman did. Every day I'm amazed how selfish and self-centred people are in the city I live in. Although, when I hear the latest news stories of how Canadians are stepping up to the plate for Haiti, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe people pick and choose when and where they act decent towards others. It is said that the worst events tend to bring out the best in people. Those world wars, to this day, remain dreadful examples of the worst people can be - and the best they can be.