Thursday, January 28, 2010

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2010


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this day to our attention.


Laila said...

forgive any typos as your post caught me off guard and tears abruptly erupted from my eyes.

As the grand-daughter of two survivors of the holocaust,both who wore the shocking tattooed numbers - not unlike a horrific UPC code- and one with bullet wound scars upon her legs,I will never forget, nor will I allow my children to forget.

That part of our global family history is to be preserved and handed down, and to let go and " move on" must never happen.

thank you for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

dear david, we can never ever forget, a time where hell walked over the world. we must remember no only once a week but every second of the day. and we must also remember that the USA took some folks from germany that they thought that could make america a stronger and better war machine and these folks lived the good life, well as i see it evil just kept on going. there should never be a second where our brothers are forgotten... peace