Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

"We strongly believe in local television and we're strongly committed to local television"


This was a Rogers executive, speaking about how their wholly-owned CITY-TV franchise is cutting local news across the country.

It always amazes me how folks like this can say things like, "We love you and we care deeply for you," as they drive the knife expertly between L4 and L5.

The irony here is that in this case, the cable operator and the broadcaster are one and the same.

Don't you love those mushy TV ads declaring that Local TV Matters?

They go out of their way to find a round black woman, who immediately suggests motherhood and professorship and intelligence and integrity all at studied once to babble on about the importance of local television.

All the while the people who have paid for the ad make all of their money buying shows in and from Los Angeles or making new Canadian drek like, "Human Target," and cutting local news.

The bottom line here is that the very sociopathds who are crying for more breaks from the government and claimning ownership of local concerns are in reality cutting jobs and information and public access.

Be clear in understanding what colossal bullshitters they really are.

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