Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pet Peeve Day

A reader has asked that I designate the odd day - and certainly this day qualifies - as "Pet Peeve Day."


Send me your pet peeves, please.

I would love to get the ball rolling and set a good example.

But it's impossible for me to name a pet peeve, other than I am peeved by other people's pets.

You see, I am a cantankerous, grouchy old jerk, who is irritated by practically everything.

My favorite quote comes from Jean Paul Sarte.

"L'enfer, c'est les autres."

Hell is other people.

Almost everything and everybody annoys the beetlejuice out of me.

Especially young people and drivers and government and book agents and my best friends, who are consistently maddening.


That doesn't mean that I'm not great coffee company or a barrel of laughs.

Just don't be late or comment on my clothes or take a call on your effing blackberry or tell me that in addictions we need a "continuum of treatment."

And while you're at it, ask that 11-year old girl who invented coffee if we can have some more brown sugar over here at this table by the drafty door.



esspee said...

My pet peeve, radio stations that drop my favourite broadcasters!!! I hate, hate, hate trying to get used to new people on my radio. David any chance you'll come back?

Dave C. said...


Now David, the idea was for the rest of us to get our peeves off our chests ...

Mine are mostly bad drivers (especially the ones who can't even show any appreciation for letting them merge into your lane, or who honk impatiently when a light changes, or need to drive those monster trucks that they park so close that you can't see a thing backing out). A close second are those Ally insurance ads (and the parents of the kids in the ads) for using kids in such a nasty way. Where is the CRTC in that one? Oh yeah, how about a restriction on repetitive ads. I'll never rent a car from Enterprise again!

I'll save some for another day. Thanks for the vent.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...pet peeve....whiners?


Anonymous said...

I e-mailed two employees at City Hall a couple of weeks ago regarding a rather egregious breach of by-law issue in our neighbourhood. I didn't hear back from either of them regarding my complaint, so today I called and attempted to speak to at least one of them -- big surprise, they are both seconded to the Olympics. Now wouldn't you think that at the very least they would have an automatic e-mail response in place informing the hapless public that their concerns will not be dealt with until after the Olympics or suggesting that they contact (insert name) if they wish their concerns addressed as soon as possible? After being told that both employees were unavailable for the foreseeable future I was given a number to call and voice my complaint -- I called and, of course, had to leave a message because nobody answered the 'phone. I am still waiting to hear back (insert laughter here!). Yeah, I'm peeved, but what else is new in Vancouver?


Anonymous said...


Evil Eye said...

Pet peeve? No f***in way, I am a cynic in a cynical world. All is happiness as everyone scrambles ever harder to reach the bottom rung of the ladder.

And now the bloggers have stumbles on Gordo and his........ha, ha, ha... we all know and it is so easy to find out!

I just love it.

Anonymous said...

My pet peeve?
When I agree with David Berner!

Anonymous said...

Hey DC,

I'll never buy a product from Alarm Force.

Leah said...

Open cupboard/closet doors - and closed minds!