Monday, February 8, 2010

DIY Writ Large

The citizens of Colorado Springs, all 380,000 of them, have agreed that their city - just a hike down the road from Denver, doesn't really need or want government...or its questionable services.

In true American libertarian style they have decided to go it alone.

That includes parks, trash, lawns, dogs, you name it.

Outrageous! Madness! You say.

Or is it a sign of things to come and a warning to the idiots who mismanage governments everywhere at all levels - which, roughly means all of them?

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John B. said...

Ah, yes Colorado Springs. But what you probably don't know about Colorado Springs is that it is the World Capital of christian fundamentalists. The world headquarters of "Focus on the Family" is in Colorado Springs, and they have pretty much taken control of the city. For several years I received a product from a company in Colorado Springs at my supplier in New Jersey. Each item had a label that identifyed who it was for. For three years, despite our objections, they continued to ship product to us that was labeled: "item number xxxx, gel string, PRG Jew Jersey. Decide for yourself.