Saturday, March 20, 2010


First we had The Age of Enlightenment.

Doesn't that seem galaxies away?

For now, it is all The Age of Entitlement.

Look at this pompous ass.

His name is Jean-Pierre Blackburn and he is your National Minister of Veterans Affairs.

God save us.

Here's his headline:

Tequila tantrum adds to Tory woe

Blackburn tried to board a recent flight with a bottle of booze in his hand.

Airport security stopped him.

He freaked.

Hey! I'm somebody! I have an office! Fax machines! Cell phones!

The press quotes me!

I eat in the Parliamentary dining room!

Blackburn is the second federal minister of recent days to pull the same stunt.

Helena Guergis, your Minister of State for Women, went postal in the Charlottetown airport in February.

Are these people mad?

I had security at Gatwick last month go through every little tissue and notebook in my shoulder bag.

I was mute.

This is the best policy around airport security.

Always has been, but especially these days.


I am not a Minister of Cups and Saucers, or Minister of State for Bacon & Eggs.

I do not feel entitled to break all the other rules that apply apparently to those other little people - as great and wonderful and unique as we can all agree I may be.

I do not ride my motor scooter through city parks, talk on my cell while driving or scream up snowy mountainsides in my over-revved lawn mower.

I am a good boy.

I am only entitled to my tiny fair share of the world.

Except, of course, on Wednesdays, when I go completely mad and ask for service at a store somewhere in Canada.


Evil Eye said...

If Harper doesn't can these two buffoons NOW, then Harper and his Conservative party have equated the moral playing field of the Liberal party.


Anonymous said...

Professional politicians whining is becoming a dangerous trend in Canada (AND BC ) The campbell bunch setting a new standard for whining and lieing.

Anonymous said...

For years and years and years I supported the NDP both Federal and Provincial. As the NDP wandered closed to the middle of the road I decided to cross from the middle of the NDP road to the right side of the conservative road. So my attempt to support the BC Liberals seems to be a doomed to failure. Strangely enough they seem to have fallen into the same trap as the two very important Federal MPs. Those two MPs and the entire BC Liberal party have forgotten how they got their jobs. The voters . Yes the people like you David and the rest of us peons that toil away so that our tax dollars can support the behavior of these gifted, important, entitled, special, talented, politicians.

Well the BC liberals are kaputsky. And if the NDP gas Ms James they will likely win one of the biggest majorities ever. Welcome to the real world Gordo. The people of this province can only stand so much arrogance. So much of the idea that we are unable to think clearly so we need the likes of Hansen and the rest of this cabinet of geniuses to explain why ICBC needs to make huge profits. Why an additional tax like the HST will benefit us.

I only hope that Harper reigns in his group of MPs. Iggy and Layton will never lead this country.


Bob Gray said...

Sadly, it seems that the only time the Conservative Ministers are permitted to make "noise" by the Prime Minister, is when they are drunk, and subjecting themselves to public ridicule ? It appears that extending themselves to the same daily rigours of daily life... such as airport security, and using a modicum of common sense... apparently asking too much, further deepens the chasm of entitlement that previously isolated the Liberals, and now seems to have enveloped the Conservatives. The common touch seems to no longer exist, and certainly does not seem to have any place in the hoity toity world of Cabinet Ministers.
God (or whatever Deity you prescribe to) help us all !