Friday, March 5, 2010

Old Movie

The fact that abortion is the hot-button issue that may scuttle President Barack Obama's attempt to bring home health care reform in America is appalling - and frightening.

God, guns and glory...our good neighbours are tetched.

The fact that 50 million of their fellow citizens are a cough away from a catastrophic health issue because they have no money or insurance just doesn't seem to be important to most Americans, who would rather scream hysterically about SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM or the evils of abortion.

The USA is the most backwoods, backward regime among all the so-called Western Democracies, an imperialist nation hunkered around false, comforting pieties.

It is beautiful and it is exciting and it is flat nuts.


Jonathan said...

Abortion to scuttle health care? Sure if the feds are footing the bill, I can understand the concern. It is an elective surgery that can easily be prevented by a trip to the local drugstore to pick up a condom and a birth control pill. I have to agree with the Democrat minority on this issue. And my reason isn't based on religion or belief. It is a needless and invasive surgery that can be prevented by using the aforementioned products. Why should a person's decision to engage in unprotected sex and become pregnant become anyone else's financial burden?

That said, I also understand that there is a small percentage that may have unwanted pregnancy as a result of crimes against them. However, I would venture that these are relatively few in the grand scheme of things. In these instances I agree with an investigation being done and the government providing the necessary services to resolve the matter.

Leah said...

I wonder what would happen to the right wing nuts if one were to take the time and explain to them, that their hero (and mine) Jesus...was a socialist...and a communist? In the pure terms of the word. Massive short-circuit maybe.

Anonymous said...

" ...scream hysterically about SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM "

yes, its very unsophisticated to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

" ... (my) hero ... Jesus...was a socialist...and a communist?"
Pfftt! A hippie, they make useful idiots but let's get real. The Real Heroes are men like Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Pol Pot. That's what this rabble need a Strong Man to teach them what collectivism is really all about, no more of this namby-pamby "Oooh we're so compassionate" crap.
The good news is that Canada's political system is perfect for just such a Hero to take control and keep it. :-)