Wednesday, March 17, 2010

P.R. in Place of Substance

Solicitor-General Kash Heed may welcome the distraction of avalanches and debates about regulating mountain speed junkies.

At least all of that roar distracts the public from his measly token gift to the growing problems of family violence.

The numbers are up and they are huge and they are growing each year.

To date, this is how police in BC study domestic violence.

They take a short on-line training course.





Kash to the rescue.

Almost 3 years after the Peter Lee murders in Victoria, Heed has announced a $250,000 fund to develop somethingorother.


In provincial spending...that's lunch money.

But let us not be too harsh on Mr. Heed.

We all know that the Holder of all Purses in British Columbia is the Premier.

A man deeply dedicated to matters of social justice.

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