Monday, March 22, 2010



Anonymous said...

Is it you or your webmaster who blocks me from following your account? I constantly read your blog so that I may not need to use Twitter to catch up. But I feel a little bit disappointed.

David Berner said...

Niehter I nor my webmaster blocks you or anybody else from my blog.

And because you are anonymous and I have no idea who you are, I cannot answer you directly.

ronnie said...

David, you short video above is an example of why I loved you so as a broadcaster back at NW.

Hiroshi Hemmi said...

You are very right,and I have no reasons to hide myself.
So, my account below has been blocked since I made the first attempt to follow you;

You see a whole lot of Japanese characters, but this is not a spam account.


Anonymous said...

David -- You said that people found your blog through your Twitter account. As an apparent Luddite I have to ask, if people don't know about your blog, how do they know about your Twitter account? My apologies if this is obvious to all but me!


Judie said...

Love the video. Love the pyjamas - ROFL!