Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Happened?

In the last two days, I have heard two things I had never heard before about a local restaurant.

The Cafe de Paris on Denman near Robson has been a favorite place for Vancouverites for years to have a good steak and French Fries.

The first thing I heard on Friday is that it is now permanently closed.

Then yesterday a friend told me that the restaurant had always been a favorite place for people to buy and sell Cocaine.

Is that true? Was that true?

So I went back in The Province archives and found this story dated two months ago.

Daughter asks: Have you seen my father?

Jon-Michael Preece last seen near home Nov. 30


Evil Eye said...

Not to fret David, restaurants and Caf├ęs are a favourite place to sell drugs and launder drug money.

If we knew who the real drug Czars are in the city, we would not be eating in several posh restaurants or old time burgher chains.

We would also have a hard time seeing many sports, etc.

The malignant drug trade has infiltrated in all levels of BC and Canadian business, police, courts, and politics.

Anonymous said...