Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apology # 463

My main computer has been in and out of the repair shop for one week now.

I'll get it back in some shape or other later today.

I am sorry that email delivery of the blog has ben disrupted, but such is life in Cyber Land.

Hope to be back on track as of tomorrow morning.


Oh yes...he's sorry too.


RossK said...


Sorry to go all off-topic on you, but it is imperative that you go to Sean Holman's place right now.


Lisa A. said...

Hi david,

So that's why sometimes I would get your blog, and sometimes I would'nt.
I to am sorry, just because, now I think I'm going to check myself into computer rehab (that's like sex rehab, but with key strokes, pardon the pon).

Have a good nigth.

Lisa A.