Monday, April 12, 2010


Needles, coffins, criminals.

And that's the GOOD news.

If you vote for those bastards, they're going to steal your mother's inheritance money.

And so that.

Pamphlets and phone calls in Cantonese.

The pamphlets read “Authorized. Registered sponsor under the Elections Act”.

Of course, that was false. A lie.

All of this bogus and distasteful nonsense happened in the last provincial election in Vancouver-Fraserview, where Kash Heed was ultimately elected by a narrow margin.

Someone (ooooooo...who could it beeeee?) sent this scurrilous garbage out on behalf of the Liberals and against the NDP.

The only question at this point is who in the Liberal Party knew about this 'tactic?'

Mr. Heed? Mr. Campbell?

Does anyone in Liberal Land feel responsible for denigrating the elections process to this level?

My bet - like yours - is that no honorable men will fall on their swords.

Denial will be the order of the day and life as we know it will continue merrily in Supernatural.


diverdarren said...

Fair and honest elections are one of the last remaining holds we have on are first-world democratic society. Industry and government are in bed together in an attempt to re-create the class structure of society, creating a poor powerless worker class and a privileged few at the top holding the power, money and decent standard of living. The only thing that can keep the people who hold the gold in check is that the government needs to go to the people (all the people) every 4 years to get our permission to govern. The people who hold the gold love it when the under-class chooses not to vote or when they can be manipulated with lies and propaganda that's made to looks official.

Any attempt to wrongfully coerce the people through lies, intimidation, and false promises should be stamped out to ensure a fair election, and anyone caught doing such acts against our democracy should be treated harshly. All we have left before sliding into a third-world basket case like a huge portion of the planet is the chance every few years to change our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Until such time as the person(s) behind the flyers are brought to justice Mr Heed is the only one responsible.
If he did all he could to stop the flyers and if he made some attempt to explain to the public that they were false then he is not guilty. If he did nothing and claims to see and know nothing then Sgt Shultz shouldn't be the top cop anyways.


Anonymous said...

Gee whizz history repeats itself? Didn't this very tactic help elect Gary Lund over in Saanich? Just asking.