Sunday, April 11, 2010

How Many Ways Can I say, "NO?"

Could ex-Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan be the next governor-general?

This is the question asked in a Province headline this morning.

Let me give you the answer.


Sullivan is a mean-spirited, self-serving deceitful unworthy candidate.

On the other hand...

A good way to keep him from his many pet


Leah said...

LOL David! Then he's sure to fit right in with Harper's government! Oh dear..what a thought... .

Anonymous said...

I read this yesterday and had to take a blood pressure pill! Please let's hope this is a belated April Fools joke (and if it is, it's a good one) because we really can't take much more. Will this man ever just go away and leave us alone?


Lisa A. said...

Hi David,
When I heard sam could be the next governer-general I said to myself, oh please no, then I thought, well what does the governer-general really do?, you don't see, or hear from them to offten. On second thought where do I sigh to help him get the job.

Have a good day.

Lisa A.

Jeff said...

What bozo thought this one up? For all the foregoing reasons this "man" cannot be considered for GG of Canada. What a Bizzare idea. This job is so far out of his league it's ridiculous . . . . !

So what if Rick Hansen's busy . . . get someone else, anyone but Sam Sullivan!

Anonymous said...

I foolishly thought that Sam would make a good mayor because he had a lot of accomplishments. He self taught himself Cantonese, he had started a small band, etc.

After a short while, I thought his time as mayor was just that ... another "accomplishment" without having actually contributed or did anything worthwhile.

Enough with the titles and accolades Sam - DO something useful please.

Anonymous said...

Did Sam ever work for the CBC? NO . Well then screw him. The obvious choice for GG is a CBC alumni

TA DA David Suzuki


Norman Farrell said...

Our house got a telephone call from a national polling firm a few days ago. From the various questions, the survey was obviously being conducted for the federal government or the Conservative Party of Canada.

They were seeking responses about the GG appointment and asked, among other things:
- about the importance of the choice being from a particular region of Canada;
- was it desirable to appoint an aboriginal;
- which of five named people was preferred.

Sam Sullivan's name was not one of the choices offered. This is mere puffing, aimed at attracting attention and diverting the story about how Sam and the NPA paved the way for the Casino Industrial Complex by rezoning and removing development charges that would apply.

Visit The Gazetteer for the story.

mightybrutus said...

Sullivan is an a**hole. 'nuff said.