Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marching Backwards, Praise the Lord

Ignorance is also power.

Perverse power.

The Ontario government wants more sex ed in public classrooms.

But wait.

Christians and Muslims strenuously object.

Why should children or adolescents have any knowledge or awareness of bodily functions, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, masturbation, gender differences and issues or any of the other myriad mysteries that are part of the puzzle called sex?


Better they should wear tents and be treated like livestock.

Better they should be preached to about abstinence.

Understand and information are dangerous.

That's why we must leave all this to those ignoramuses we laughingly call parents.

In a perfect world, it would be lovely to think that parents in their wisdom would share and dispense such knowledge with their virgin off-spring.

But they don't.

The fact is they don't.

Proof of the pudding?

The Netherlands, where sex ed has been compulsory in all secondary schools for an ice age, has among the lowest teenage pregnancy rates in the world.


Keep 'em in the dark.

Cover them head to foot in dark shrouds.

That'll really help things along.


Anonymous said...

I think that sex ed is indeed a positive thing.

I would add to the subject being taught though.

One thing that has always made me cringe is when I hear about girls (ages 12 - 14) obliging in giving oral sex to their peers. I wonder if any of these girls, upon a request for "some head" (or whatever they call it now-a-days) would have the nerve to hike up her skirt and say "go for it cowboy."

The boys don't reciprocate. The girls remain the pleasure givers and not the pleasure receivers.

I was speaking to a degree holding RN about the topic of sex ed. I mentioned that my pre-school children already know all the proper names for the body parts (penis, vulva, vagina) and that my next step was to teach my daughter what her clitoris was.

My colleague was shocked. She couldn't understand why a girl (be it age 4 or 14) needed to know what her clitoris was.

I suggested that, if she knew what her clitoris was and that, in the privacy of her own room, she had experienced her own body through self-pleasuring, she would know how request pleasurable sex from a peer partner. She wouldn't tolerate a sex session without mutual pleasure and might be more likely to have a positive experience with a peer partner who follows her instruction.

It isn't all about conception control and disease prevention. Kids/teens who know about their bodies and sexuality are actually more likely to DELAY SEX until they are ready. They are also more likely to have a POSITIVE first time experience based on mutual respect rather then being somewhat coerced.

Even a conservative religious person would have to like that outcome.

Evil Eye said...

Keep the kids ignorant, that's what best for them. Ignorant children grow up into ignorant adults and ignorant adults will not question what politicians say or do.

Churches want ignorant adults to preach to, as ignorant people tend to believe the mumbo-jumbo of religious practice.

And sex, wow, that is so dirty a secret that no child should know as sex is the purview of the powerful and perverted.

In short all learning is bad and those who welcome ignorance about sex, also welcome child abuse.

Gerry Verrier said...

As far as I'm concerned the intent is to keep women barefoot, pregnant, uneducated, in the kitchen and in the case of muslims hidden behind veils in public so that they have no identity whatsoever.

Gerry Verrier said...

Woops, I'd like to clarify that I believe the intent behind the religious groups protesting is....see above.