Monday, April 26, 2010

MInding Our Mint

Sheila Fraser is one of my few national heroes.

She is the Auditor-General and every year, Ms. Fraser delights us all with her revelations about how various government departments and agencies waste our tax dollars.

She is a one-woman posse and Robin Hood, exposing rot at every available turn.

This morning we learn that there are even some places, Fraser may not go.

The Board of Internal Economy manages the expenses of the House of Commons. A similar committee runs the Senate. Both committees meet in secret.

As John Ibbitson reports, ten months ago, Auditor General Sheila Fraser formally asked these two committees for permission to audit Parliament's expenses, including the expenses of MPs and senators. She still hasn't received a reply.

Silence equals no.

The board is exempt from external audits and Freedom of Information requests.

In other words, the way that Larry Campbell and his Red Chamber cohorts and all the MP's in the House of Commons spend our tax dollars for their personal convenience is not open to public examination.

Cell phones and lunches, anyone?

We are talking here about a combined budget of over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS.

The next time you think about voting, go to a candidates' meeting and ask them when they're going to change this little loophole.

And again, thank our lucky stars for Sheila Fraser.


Dave C. said...


While I agree with you that it's reassuring that we have an Auditor-General like Sheila Fraser in office, I'm hard-pressed to remember when one of her shocking revelations of waste resulted in a significant change in wasteful government spending. This recent revelation should be enough to bring any standing government down. I'll remember your suggestion next federal election.


Anonymous said...

Shes lucky she audits the Feds. If she were in the real world she would likely dissappear under suspicous circumstances.

This amount of waste anywhere else would cost people dearly


Norman Farrell said...

I can't imagine why an audit would be needed. MPs would never claim expenses without entitlement. After all, we follow the British parliamentary system and, according to their rules, MPs are entitled to whatever they can get. So, no matter the amount Canadian MPs have pocketed, or for what purpose, it's all good.