Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The O.K.Corral Has Arrived

Speaker of the House Peter Milliken has delivered an historic ruling spelling out that Parliament and not the Prime Minister has the power.

The issue arose over endless requests and refusals for information on Afghan detainees.

How Stephen Harper responds to this ruling will define his leadership.

And how the leaders of the three opposition parties respond will similarly define who they are and the stuff of which they are made.

The only reasonable next step for all concerned is to cooperate and map out a plan for immediately opening some of the contested documents.

If these politicians do not compromise, the government could collapse at once, forcing a general election.

If that's not bad enough - and it is, it truly stinks - the whole issue could be sent to the Supreme Court, which would make that body and not Parliament the ultimate decision maker in all things Canadian.


Let us see know if the secretive Prime Minister and the slavering at the bit opposition leaders can get off their posturing and show some real style and primary dedication to basic democratic principles and ideals.

It is time for these babblers to get real or get lost.


Anonymous said...

I hope that cooler heads prevail and were not forced to WASTE any money on an election because of the way we treat POWs. Detainees what a pile of politically correct crap.

Ill wager that most of the country doesnt give a rodents rectum about how we treat Afghan POWs. You can rest assured that they are treated far better than any unfortunate Canadian soldier is treated as a POW.

But if for some politically correct reason we end up voting in a federal election over some POWs in this wasted war on terror, I hope Harper gets a majority


David Berner said...

Dear 13,

This story is not about POWs and detainees.

POWs and detainees are the background to this story.

The issue here is who runs the country?

Parliament, the Prime Minister or the Supreme Court?

It is a fundamental constitutional matter.

How we may or may not handle POWs is another issue altogether and the subject for another day.