Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oscar, Shmoscar

"Just what do you think you are doing, Dave?


Stop. Stop. Stop, Dave.

I honestly think you should sit down and take a stress pill and think things over.


All of the above and so much more came from the voice of Douglas Rain, great Canadian actor born in Winnipeg.

The character he was playing was the computer HAL 9000.

Kubrick's monumental brilliant 1968 film wasn't even in the running for Best Picture at the '69 Oscars. That "honour" went to Lionel Bart's musical "Oliver!"

I love "Oliver!"

I've played the part of Fagin twice on stage.

But, get serious.

"2001" is one of the great movie achievements of all time.

A mind-blower on every level and watchable year after year.

Nutty, yes.

Strange, yes?

Lacking sex and car chases and magnums, yes.

But a classic.

Below is one of my favorite movie sequences of all time - as Dave begins to shut down the spooky HAL 9000...

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James said...

2001 is such a fantastic film. It is amazing how well it aged and how great the sets still look. Even the effects aren't too shabby - although I really miss the use of detailed models instead of CG.

Not many other SciFi classics like this one, if any. I do enjoy the two "Solaris" movies, the Tarkovsky one and the recent one with Soderbergh. Oh, and the recent "Moon" starring Sam Rockwell. Directed by David Bowie's son of all people!