Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ungracious Kvetch

Tiger Woods has become, among other things, a kind of harridan, a whining shrew-wife who is never satisfied.

He shot 11 under par in the Masters and placed 4th behind Mickelson, who won the tournament.

He played terribly and inconsistently and still, he is such a rare prodigious talent, that he almost won the thing.

And this after a five-month abscence from the game.

When briefly interviewed by Peter Kostas after it was all over, did he congratulate the winner or say anything remotely pleasant?


He kvetched that he only plays to win and that if he doesn't win, he's unhappy.

That attitude may have gotten him to the exalted place in which he now strides.

It may also be his undoing.

God forbid he should be grateful for anything on a sunny day in Georgia.

Can you say, "Spoiled child," boys and girls?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! The word that came to my mind when watching that interview was "petulant". Too bad.........not a class act!

Gerry Verrier said...

Tiger Woods is an a-hole, plain and simple. He has a huge chip on his shoulder, which he inherited from his father. The media has consistently avoided showing Tiger having tantrums on the course or even smoking cigarettes. (He allegedly recently quit smoking)

It's too bad a huge portion of the PGA's earnings are based on his showing up for tourneys. The 5 months he was gone was a pleasure because for once the cameras and commentators were showing and talking about other golfers.

Tiger has no grace or integrity and is the next best thing to a robot who's only concern is his image. I read where he had 90 security personnel keeping an eye out on his behalf during the Masters for fear one of his lovers wold show up and try to embarrass him. Who does he think he is? The POTUS?

Bentley said...


It's really something to see much Tiger's reputation has been downgraded and degraded. I used to like him a lot, but now I cheer only for his rivals. I know you had a long-time fascination with Woods. You loved to watch him compete. I did, too. I'm proud that both of us see fit to criticize him now. His actions and attitude have been horrible, and his sense of sportsmanship sucks, too! Such a bad thing after so many other bad things.

Leah said...

Like most children, Tiger grew up believing what his parents said of him, his Father in particular. When you grow up hearing you're a legend, you come to believe it, just like he does.

He's not mature enough yet to realize he really is just another human, a talented one in an arena that does nothing special for humanity at all.

He'll grow up one day.....maybe. I wonder what will happen the day he discovers he puts his pants on one leg at a time, and his blood really is red - not blue.

Ohhhhhh...the shock of it all.

Anonymous said...

if Tiger had won the Masters, all would be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

"if Tiger had won the Masters, all would be forgotten."

Is that sort of like saying, "If my aunt had b - - - s, she'd be my uncle?

Tiger will never be what most of us *thought* he was again...ever.


David Berner said...

Couldn't agree more, June.

If Tiger had won the Masters, he would be seen as one amazing golfer - which he is - and a shmuck of the first order.

A dork whose best friends and role models are those paragons of virtue Charles Barkely and Michael Jordon.

Smoke a big cigar, bet $250,000 on a hand of blackjack and move on to the next 12 cocktail waitresses.