Monday, April 19, 2010

Victor Loves a Parade

'Victor' is a friend whose comments I post here from time to time. I especially loved the last line about "currying" favour...

When I was a kid in the 50's, there were Catholic and protestant
Parades. The Catholics, of which I am one, would have a parade
organized by the Knights of Columbus, complete with statues and
crucifixes. The Protestants would have an Orange Day parade, complete
with a King Billy on a white horse. These overtly religious parades
pissed off people in both religious camps so they were dropped around

I strongly believe that religious parades have no place in modern
Canada. That applies to Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews
etc. On that basis, I fail to see how Sikhs can tie up city blocks and
draw down vast amounts of city resources for what is essentially a
religious parade with free food. If there are to be further Vaisaki
parades, they should be licensed only on the basis that they are a
Spring celebration and must include opportunities for participation
by other groups. (Hindu, Muslim, Gay, Aboriginal, whatever). That's
how St. Patrick's Day parades work in New Your and Chicago.

If the Sikh community is unwilling to do that, their bigotry will be
exposed and politicians will no longer feel blackmailed into currying
favour with a large voting block.


Anonymous said...

Thanks David for opening the doorway to the third world. I agree no parades to celebrate any specific religon. Oops except Christmas. Oops except Easter. This is a knd of touchy subject

GORDO did the right thing for a change


Dave C. said...


Totally agree with Victor's comments. If a "parade" is not inclusive, it should be banned. What is really starting to concern me is the intimidation that some groups use to promote their cause.

I'm not convinced that our esteemed Premier was blackmailed into currying favour. He strikes me as being unprincipled, particularly when he's down in the polls. My hat is off to my mayor, Diane Watts.


Anonymous said...

David, it hasnt been easy to sit back and watch this yearly celebration of terror. It scaares me that we even entertain the notion that there is an acceptable level of risk.

I think Ms Watts should have stayed at home. Once again Gordo is slime , but he did the right thing this time.


Anonymous said...

I really have no problem with the Sikhs having a parade, however, when threats are made and posters of religious martyrs are 'paraded' through the streets the parade should no longer be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

awww, the Sikhs were just looking for a way to keep Gordo from coming to their parade.

Anonymous said...

"Ooops, except Christmas"..."Oops, except Easter"

Its a slippery slope when you start calling for banning of all religious parades because then the holidays above would not be tolerated regardless of how secular they have become.
But I agree that the mayor of Surrey is right to threaten to pull the plug on the event if there is any promotion of violence or terrorism. It seems there is still a dispute about what was actually depicted on this controversial float.