Thursday, May 6, 2010

Falcon? Vulture? And the Difference Is?

That Prince of Warm Heartedness, that purveyor of Public Kindnesses, Kevin Falcon, the man posing as the Provincial Health Minister - I say, posing, because an actual real human person occupying that title would demonstrate some actual interest in HEALTH - has hit rock bottom with his latest profundity.

"B.C. instituting fees for convalescent care

Charges will fill gap between palliative and respite care, minister says"

You have to read this announcement and then think seriously about the implications.

These are fees for the dying and the elderly and their families.

We out here in the thoughtless boonies who clearly are too stupid to understand the good and mysterious workings of our glorious government have a small appreciation that governments are always on the lookout for more revenue.

Fair enough.

I guess.

But the elderly, the dying, the barely recovering and their families?

Perhaps Mr. Falcon knows no people over the age of 40.

Perhaps his parents and grandparents have long since thrown off this flimsy veil for a far, far better world elsewhere.

If we may be so bold...

Old people don't make a lot of money.

The elderly and the dying are not raking it in, folks.

So it is to these vulnerable, weakened people that we turn for more loot?

This administration is finished.

No one with any conscience could possibly vote to stomach another season of these ghouls.

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Evil Eye said...

When the prince of darkness is the head of health in the province, do not be surprised as the result.

When a ghoul is the head of health in the province, do not be surprised as the result.

“It is extreme evil to depart from the company of the living before you die” Seneca 1st Century roman philosopher.

Even the Romans understood evil!