Saturday, May 8, 2010

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

It is all becoming clear now.

Here is how things work in British Columbia in the 21st Century.


If you or your company/law firm/society/family contribute to the B.C. Liberal party in any way shape or form, then you get special appointments - like say - Special Prosecutor - that are among other things very lucrative.

1) How is this for irony?

Winston Blackmore, the ever-smiling "leader" of the polygamous Bountiful community (You might be smiling too if you could, with impunity, shtup every 15-year old girl who wandered within yodelling distance of your cave and then you could simply declare her to be another of your "wives.") wants to fire his own lawyer.


Because Blackmore has learned that his government appointed attorney, George K. MacIntosh has donated to the BC Liberal party and that his firm has donated more than $50,000 in recent years to the BC Liberal Party.

Mr. Blackmore, a paragon of civic virtue himself, asks, "How worse could this look?"

Adds Blackmore, “It already smells bad.”

When one of the creepiest guys on town ism pointing the finger at you, how bad is that?

2) Terrance Robertson, the Special Prosecutor, who first cleared Kash Heed of any wrong-doing and then stepped down from his position because of contributions to the BC Liberal party from his firm, is receiving almost $300,000 in fees for his work on the Winston Blackmore file - work, by the way, that resulted in his recommended charges being tossed by the BC Supreme Court.

This is a little akin to those Wall Street executives who bankrupted their own companies and their clients and took massive billion dollar bailouts from the public purse, but nevertheless paid themselves many millions in performance bonuses.

3) One year after taking the case as Special prosecutor in the Basi-Virk unending melodrama, Bill Bernadino donated $500 to Wally Opaque's Liberal election campaign.

But hey! No Problem, Buddy.

Just ask Bernadino his Special Self.


Anonymous said...

Another prime example of the corruption that has either retarded life development in other countries or brought them to their knees after certain succeses over the centuries.

That will be the downfall of our once great country. Keep allowing these no morality shysters into our immigration process and we will soon be a country just like where they came from. And I don't care who they are, get rid of the Bassi's and Virks, Heeds, Johals and Schriebers et al. People who have never done an honest days work in their lives. People who use cel phones and computers to work their back room deals which so seldom ever see the light of day. Those who never contribute to the common good yet live far above us in means and influence.

Sure you can say, well look at Gordon Campbell and his "white bread" minions. . . . . they aren't immigrants, they were "born here" and they're the biggest shysters of them all. Yeah, and how did they get to be in these positions? By using these low life personalities to do their dirty deeds while trying to appear sanctimonious and caring . . . . BS!

dmc said...

The sad thing is, is that the whole sorted affairS continue and many who have become victims along the way are,
With no end in sight and no interventions along the way...?
This has been a bad show of leadership,on all 3 levels of governning,plus international. I sure the US has had somethings to say in all our mess.
Plus, a poor show of humanity.This should have been resolved long ago. But who is standing up justice & protection against abuse of authority..
Yes We Can, call on the international committee, the United Nations may not laugh,

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said except the last sentence. The next election will likely change nothing, no matter which party wins.