Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plain Speaking

Nancy Ruth is a Conservative senator and pro-choice feminist.

She worries that aid activists, pressuring the Harper government to include access to abortion in a G8 initiative, will only touch off a backlash.

She has some friendly advice for them.

"Shut the fuck up – on this issue,” Ms. Ruth said.

That's what she said and that's what the Globe printed on page 4 this morning.


It warms my heart to see that there are still a few people who speak English.

What is behind Ruth's warning, however, is troublesome.

It is but one indicator of how folks everywhere in political life in Canada at this date fear speaking up and speaking out lest Harper bite back at them where it hurts.

We share the same concern...while applauding Ms. Ruth for her clear messaging.

All praise Her Feistiness!


Anonymous said...

David, I'm not sure if I should be reading sarcasm in your praise of this woman's "clear English" or "feistiness"

We often make mention of younger people (under 30 set) who use bad language and bad manners.

Now we all know who they learned it from ... the older generation.

Why is someone like this bullying woman "feisty" while a younger woman using the same bullying tactics would be considered unprofessional, rude, bitchy, undemocratic, etc. etc.?

Bad behaviour is bad behaviour - no matter what age or gender it comes from.

Anonymous said...

David, once again were in the abortion mine field. So lets look at the foul mouthed old lady. Not very becoming of any poitician at any age. Worse yet, the idea that we must not speak our minds for fear of a backlash is a slope that I wouldnt want to slide down. Pro or anti (you name the cause) we must be able to speak out .