Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Sublime Cleanliness of It All

Although I stopped subscribing to daily delivery of The Vancouver Sun newspaper some time ago, I still have a peek in cafes and on line fairly regularly.

The Sun is to be highly commended for their current serious on B.C. Municipal Elections Donations.

This is a series and it is a well-written, thorough and well-researched revelation.

Article after article chronicles monies being given by very interested parties to local councillors who then mysteriously vote directly in the favour of the kind donor.

Clicking through this link HERE will lead you to most of the stories.

The Maple Ridge/Jackson Farm piece and the Langley Firehall story are particularly intriguing.

In the latter case, the headline pretty much captures the gist:

Ellen Degeneres laughed and ad libbed, "That was fine, but you actually can buy love, by the way."

Simon Cowell, a man with a few coin, howled with sly recognition of this ugly old truth.

Well, apparently, in B.C. you can still buy a good vote and a good old politician when you really need one.

Often, for as little as $500.

I repeat, Little People.

If you want me to run for office, deposit large amounts of cash in small untraceable bills in a brown paper bag on my door step, guarantee me a chauffeur-driven Cadillac, and always call me, "Sir."

In a pinch, "Your Highness," or "Your Holiness," will do.

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