Monday, May 10, 2010

This is your government at work

Drunk driving and selling cocaine have found new friends in B.C.

While the government is churning out press releases about how they are getting tough on impaired drivers, turns out many of these scofflaws are getting off scott free.

As are many coke dealers.


Because there aren't enough judges to hear their cases.


Because Gordon Campbell's government is spending half a billion on a new roof for The Playpen, and other Monumental Projects.

What the Gordo Government is not doing is hiring enough judges to hear criminal cases.

Now the office of the chief judge of B.C. Provincial Court has warned that court delays will only worsen unless the provincial government reverses budget cutbacks.

The Provincial Court has 16 fewer judges than it did in 2005.


Why not just advertise in the Toronto Star and all the Prairie papers?

Come One, Come All to the Land of the Stupid.

Drink, Drive, Snort, Deal.

No worries, mate!

No judges!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who needs judges? Canada's stupid legal system doesn't need judges to keep the revolving door going. They just slow things down.
Besides, we've all heard the latest cooked crime stats. Why worry? There's no crime here.
Perhaps you have Crime Anxiety Syndrome. You might need a prescription.