Friday, May 14, 2010

Wither The Opposition?

A regular commenter to this site raised a very good question the other day, something I've been wondering about me own true self.

Campbell blah, blah, blah...yes, fair enough.

BUT...where is the NDP?

What are they doing to take advantage of all the self-inflicted wounds that the Liberals are offering them?

Where are the rallies, the town hall meetings, the press conferences are whatever else it takes to keep the heat on the current administration?

Yes, it's the HST.

But it is also the consistent pattern of Playing All the Big Games, while letting the little people hang out to dry.

It is the heartless and cruel approach to health and education and families.

So very many thousands of British Columbians have had it with this government and yet the NDP has stayed curiously off the radar.

What the heck are they waiting for?

America may be slightly mad in the heels, but if this were Colorado or New Jersey, the Official Opposition would be on TV and radio every night, screaming bloody murder and building their voter base.

Where are the Opposition Stars? Who are the Names? Who is positioning himself or herself for leadership?

If this is excitement, I need a pill.

Wake up Little Suzy...puleeeeze.


Anonymous said...

with so much of the ndp friendly unions bcIMC public sectors pension money invested in liberal p3 projects the ndp dare not say anything against the liberals for fears that it will expose their collusion with the liberals. Interwest, Concert properties,Working opportuniy fund, Brookfield asset managment.

Anonymous said...

I think the NDP doesn't really want to be government.

Anonymous said...

Carol James. Yawn. Gender ratios. Stupid. Distance themselves from trade unions. Bizzare. Gordo refusing to allow them official opposition status. Brilliant.

They have lost the ability to oppose.


Norman Farrell said...

They are following the political wisdom that says, "When the other side is crumbling, stand aside and let it happen."

However, I suspect that the NDP is not overly comfortable with making commitments about certain issues that trouble Liberals. The government party is perceived as dishonest and overly protective of its special interest supporters. Is the NDP willing to commit to not caring for its special interests? Is it willing to commit the party to unquestionable ethics and honesty?

Well, not so far.