Thursday, January 27, 2011



I have taken to buying, hoarding and stockpiling incandescent light bulbs.

If I'm in Safeway or London Drugs and I'm basically buying food or computer toys, I now also throw in a few 40, 60 or 100 watters. Soon, I'll have to park on the street to make room for them all in the garage.

I think the new provincial and federal laws, which will soon see these efficient, little beauties disappear in the name of environmentalism, is wrong. Dead wrong.

Check out Craig McInnes' column in today's Sun, in which he presents cogent arguments that the politicians have even managed to get the SCIENCE WRONG.


Robert W. said...

I think this is the link you meant to post, David.

I *REFUSE* to use those curly-cue fluorescent bulbs. So many people are in denial of the FACT that when they break, mercury vapour is released into the environment.

Just wait until the class action lawsuits start coming forth against the bulb manufacturers. It's so bloody obvious what's going to happen but we collectively refuse to do anything about it now!

Gavin said...

The ban in incandescants will create a new undergound economy for B.C. Gone will be the grow ops, drug manufacturing plants and nefarious characters lurking in alleys and on street corners only to be replaced by underground manufacturing plants making incandescants and nefarious characters lurking in alleys and on street corners selling incandescant bulbs. The B.C. economy will survive! Upward and onward!