Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The RCMP have absolved themselves of blame in the Pickton case.

They do acknowledge "delays in pursuing Pickton due to other high-profile investigations."


This is interesting.

And odd, because, unlike their own investigation of themselves, the Lepard review done by Vancouver police cited "jurisdictional issues, poor management and shoddy analysis of the evidence [which] derailed the probe and allowed Pickton to go on killing for another 2 1/2 years."

In other words, thanks to the rather incomplete work done by our national police force, about a dozen more women died.


Now to make matters even more Alice in Wonderland, an inquiry is underway. And which of the Queen's cards is at the head of the picnic table?

Why Wally Opaque, that's who.

Oh, yes. Walter to to the rescue. Here's the guy to ferret out the truth and help the grieving families of human beings who have mysteriously disappeared.

This will be real helpful, yessir.


Anonymous said...

That is interesting because I know of someone who was interviewed by Missing Womens team,which(notwitch)was related, but also independant and not much came out of that investigation either...
With Wally busy on that inquiry it ties him up from messing up, the BC Rail Inquiry:)

Anonymous said...

Hi David, is that your little house on the front page of 24Hrs?

David Berner said..., it isn't...mine is bigger, if I may say so in such a public forum...

Jeff Taylor said...

So what ? This inquiry will no doubt uncover some tragic and interesting goodies (not necessarily derived from the RCMP & VPD being open & honest) and then what ? Anyone that thinks heads will role or heaven forbid some punishment handed out for bad or even negligent police work is simply dreaming.

David Berner said...

"So What?" is not the comment of a Good Citizen.

There is a lot of WHAT here.

At least 14 more women were brutally murdered because of this sloppy and lazy police work.

I agree that this Wally Inquiry will not result in much that is substantial.

But that doesn't mean we should fold our tent and shrug and forget this hideous miscarriage of justice.

Rather than cynically muttering "So What," I suggest shouting from the rooftops, "NEVER AGAIN!"

Anonymous said...

If everyone is serious about these women then Pickton must go back to court for each and EVERY murder that he is accused of.

How can they conduct an inquiry into an incomplete investigation. Each and every murder could shed light on how the police handled themselves.


Jeff Taylor said...

David, you may of missed my point it seems. My "so what" comment wasn't meant with disrespect to the victims, their families, you, or your readers. It was more a shot at how trivial this process will be in the end. What I mean by trivial (in the end), is that unless there is actual, meaningful punishment that at least fits the level of negligence, what's the point - it will be business as usual once the inquiry and the media spotlight is gone. As much as I WANT an inquiry, I personally find it extremely frustrating that you just know many asses will be protected in one way or another with much of the actual truth never seeing the light of day. For me, not only is that frustrating, it's sad.