Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Marvelous op-ed in the Sun this morning by Rob Macdonald, CEO of Macdonald Development Corp. Macdonald is an avid cyclist and financially supports cycling events in Vancouver.

Yet he quite rightly and ripely tears into the stupidity of the Dunsmuir & Hornby Street bike lanes.

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Anonymous said...

David, I know that you are interested in bike lanes. I recall your count on the Burrard bridge. Now that you have a more public forum please try to get these lunatic planners to explain themselves. Ken Hardie is an obvious choice. See if you can arrange a day pass from what ever assylum he lives in and have him explain why the Pattullo bridge can be refurbished while the newer and recently renoed Port Mann is to be replaced.

David, it seems to me that these folks that "PLAN" our transportation systems are not up to the task