Monday, February 21, 2011

Susan Heyes and the Appeals Court Ruling, Part One See SUSAN and GOLIATH, below

Mr. Robertson,

Obviously, you have heard about the BC Appeals Court ruling against Ms. Hayes. Curiously, I have not heard anything from you or your colleagues at city hall, yet. I certainly hope to hear from you all very soon.

I remember standing on the corner of Cambie and 18th Ave, outside what was then Tomato Cafe, and listening to you speak about how terrible it was that the merchants along that stretch of Cambie had been mislead and were having their businesses destroyed by the cut and cover method of construction. How you shook my hand and told me that you would be fighting the Liberals to get some kind of help for the business people of Cambie St. I signed the same petition you signed in an effort to have our voices heard.

I, too, remember how passionately you spoke about trying to find some way to give those merchants some kind of relieve. I, also, remember you writing in the Vancouver Sun about how you were fighting for the small businesses by attempting to bring in some kind of legislation that would provide them with some economic relief.

I'd like to know where you are, now? Where is you comment, criticism on the the ruling? Do you even care, now that your the mayor? Here is where you can find just a small amount of the press about it.

I wonder, is this what people and businesses should be expecting when the next line goes through? Down Broadway or out to the Coquitlam? Will you continue to ruin people's lives and businesses?

I am bcc'ing a number of my friends on this because I believe we need to know what kinds of people we are voting for. What kind of morals and values our elected officials have.
This is a huge issue! Think about that when you think forward to election time. So far, you have been a huge disappointment to me as mayor. Too bad, I think many of us thought you would be a breath of fresh air. Instead, it seems like business as usual at Cambie St. and 12th Avenue.

A deeply concerned and disappointed, tax paying citizen,
D. Neil Mark


Jeff Taylor said...

Hey David, this letter by D. Neil Mark supports my point perfectly about "to vote, or not to vote". With voter turn out sliding every 4 years or so, is it any wonder ? Sadly, it seems that it's doesn't matter Left or Right, Big Business or Small Business - they all say whatever it takes to seize power, and then go about doing whatever they bloody well want to forgetting most, if not all the BS that dribbled out their mouths during election time.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Fascinating contrast between the gov't fighting Ms Hayes tooth and nail over, what is it, $600,000? Yet they happily pony up $6 million to go easy on the two "criminals" Basi and Virk.
Inexplicable. ;-)