Thursday, March 24, 2011


Methadone is six times more addictive than heroin.

It is almost impossible to get free of a methadone addiction.

How do I know this?

Because for 44 years, since 1967, I have been dealing with addictions issues, for the first ten years running an abstinence program that is still turning our clean and sober citizens today.

I have never met an addict who profited in any way from using methadone.

Now, pharmacists, doctors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists - they're a whole other bag of tea.

They make money on this poison. They build careers. They get to speak in public.

Here is yesterdays headline in the Vancouver Courier:

Residents oppose methadone clinic proposal in troubled Vancouver neighbourhood

Strathcona association pans plan

The coverage by staff writer Sandra Thomas is, as always, excellent.

Let me assure you that this story has been going on for close to 50 years now.
With startling regularity, some genius or other decides it's time to spread more of this disease. And, as always, the pusher (pharmacy/doctor/shrink) wants the latest clinic opened across from a school.

Let me assure you that this is what happens outside methadone clinics.

Dope fiends shoot dope.

So, methadone or no methadone, the addicts will be dealing drugs and behaving like sewer rats, all in full view of the neighborhood.

Their idiocy will infect everything around them. depend on it.

Their is no better place for a new methadone clinic.

Because methadone is a failed idea.

t simply doesn't work.

It only clouds the issue and makes matters worse.

Citizens in the Strathcona neighbourhood are right to oppose this sickness with all their might.


Robert R. Gillespie said...

Thank you for telling the truth, David

Drew said...

I think we need to face the fact that "officials" actually don't want people to be healed - just kept in a state of numbness. Why would someone want to do that? We see one reason every time a court has to rule on InSite and a crowd of "supporters" shows up. One fellow I know at the Mission told me casually, "I missed out on 35 bucks because I couldn't get to the courthouse" and then proceeded to tell me about the free ferry ride and box lunch he and others got to demonstrate at the legislature. So some deep thinker manages to siphon another few million out of the economy for the experiments. Trying to point out that the evidence of the abysmal failure of meth AND InSite is right in front of the eyes of anyone who looks at the Downtown East Side is like the kid in "The Emperor's New Clothes". Sadly, until others in Vancouver start seeing addicts as people just like anyone else, but who have fallen and "handled" it differently -- and start seeing themselves as people who are just as capable of slipping up -- the self-appointed experts will have a free kick.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Lots of people don't speak up when they should, thank you for your voice and point of view.

The DTES is dotted with tiny storefront methadone clinics which operates on a limited schedule and then sits dark and empty a majority of the time after the methadone has been dispensed. $$$$$ Who is giving out these contracts?
Some pharmacies make deliveries to individual clients and is required to watch them take the methadone; if the client isn't home the pharmacy staff has to make repeat visits in order to verify that the client has taken the methadone (have seen addicts come out of the clinics and spit out the methadone into a container and resell it). $$$$$$$ How much is this costing the tax payer?
There are paid cleaners that sweep up the streets where some of these clinics are housed. Does anyone find it ironic that VANDU members are/were part of these cleaning crews that are picking up the used needles amongst the garbage? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Who is responsible for the third world/war torn conditions of the Down Town East Side?