Friday, March 4, 2011



Evil Eye said...

Did you know David that TransLink is the only transit authority in the world that does not pay compensation to businesses that can show a loss due to cut-and-cover construction.

I bet the Court of Appeal did not investigate that, or did they and were told what to do by the Premier's Office, via the Vancouver Club.

Grant G said...

Thank You David Berner.

Fuck the BC Liberals..Con men and criminals..

Nuff said

ronnie said...

Susan Heyes is really someone to admire. While watching your wonderful interview, I questioned myself: if I were in her position, would I have the same fight in me? The combination of grace and tenacity she exhibited throughout the ordeal is quite inspiring.

I hope the Supreme Court of Canada does the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I have watched and been involved in this situastion since 2004.
The impact to Susan Heyes extends to all 350 Merchants along Cambie.
I find it deplorable that it takes this long to be heard, and the cost of being heard is totally unreasonable.
While the defedants in this case had access to unlimited funding,
2 Million Dollars,it makes it impossible for someone like Heyes to fund her case.
The other pending case brought forward by the Business Improvement Association (CVBA) as a Class Action; has consumed over 240,000.00 - and is yet to be fully aired in BC Supreme Court.
It is said that upon completion of the Canada Line, SNC Lavalin took a 500 Million Dollar PROFIT from this project.
Where is the Justice ?
Don W

Anonymous said...

This should give all buisness owners along Broadway concern and all Evergreen victims a reason to worry