Saturday, April 23, 2011


The moment you hear the word "Tribunal," you'd best saddle up the pony and head out of town fast.

Worse, if you hear the phrase, "Human Rights Tribunal."

Worst, "B.C. Human Rights Tribunal."

Get out the iron masks.

We are told that we live in a society that manages itself according to some agreed-upon laws.

Systems are in place. Hm...

But, what kind of feudal throw-back are tribunals?

Three folks appointed by someone to make subjective judgements about someone else - without regard for any written and agreed upon set of laws.

Judgements, in effect, by fashion.

And whose cousin got the cement contract, by the way?

I mean, who are these people who get these assignments?

Now, the story.

Comedian fined for hurling sexual insults at show

Standup comic, restaurant owner ordered to pay woman total of $22,500 for tirade of sexist, homophobic slurs


You can't write material like this.

Two lesbians go to a comedy club on Commercial Drive, which is a Lesbian Ghetto, and are amazed that a not very witty or skillful almost-comedian is throwing "dyke" jokes at them.

I'm not sure exactly which cookie jar these women and the Tribunal geeks have been living in for the past 50 years, but let's talk about comedy clubs.

Fuck, shit, piss, cunt, cock, pussy, eat me.

If you're not looking to hear this kind of simple-minded expression, you probably shouldn't be seeking out comedy venues in the modern world.

Please note that one of the tribunal members is named Murray Geiger-Adams.

I ask myself why does Murray have a hyphenated last name?

I answer myself that Murray has a vision for the New World, where all people are equal in all things all the time.

So Murray, when he met the love of his life, changed his name, as did she, or he, and now these two perfect partners have a perfectly balanced hyphenated name.

Congrats and Mazel Tov.

Meanwhile, back in court...

You won't be surprised to learn that the so-called guilty parties are appealing the decision - fucking
straight breeder bastards.


Robert W. said...

This is a MAJOR embarrassment for British Columbia. Period. People can equivocate it all they want but that doesn't take away from the fact that the Human Wrongs Commission has NO BUSINESS regulating what should be free speech. 1,000 times so in a COMEDY CLUB.

The fact that NO political parties will touch this issue is further proof of how badly Political Correctness and the Thought Police have infected our society.

Anonymous said...

Hunan Rights Trbunal CRA which scares the hell out of you? Both have powers beyond belief. Both can make your life a living hell with no way to fight back.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you take a look t the Human Rights Tribunal case of Kenneth Michael Dickey as well?
Went ballistic on a Coast Mountain Bus driver.

Mean man, who didn't get his way and may end up costing a bus driver his/her job.

Ask the seniors at Steeves Manor what they think about Mr.Dickey.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"The fact that NO political parties will touch this issue is further proof of how badly Political Correctness and the Thought Police have infected our society."

Bang on, Robert, none of them have the sack to even mention tearing down this instrument of tyranny. Its disgusting.

Anonymous said...

In his verbose “free speech” defence, Guy Earle (the “comic”) ALWAYS fails to mention that the complaint against him is NOT solely based on what he said ON STAGE.
A number of witnesses (partial to both sides) have stated that on at least two occasions he confronted the female patron AWAY from the stage.
Sorry Mr. Earle, walking up to people in restaurants, harassing them and damaging their property (albeit their sunglasses) is not protected under The Charter Of Rights.

However the real crime Guy Earle has committed is that of impersonating a comedian. A brief internet search of his “work” quickly reveals why he was “performing” for FREE on a dreary Tuesday night in a mostly empty restaurant on the low rent end of Commercial Drive.