Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The Stonewall Opaque Missing Women Inquiry is a shameful masquerade.

It's ultimate purpose is to learn nothing, but say, "We tried."

The DTES Womens Centre, prostitutes and Aboriginal groups have no voice at this paper table.

Warm and Wonderful Wally says he has no control over how much money is spent.

He was the perfect appointee for this sham.

He and Attorney-General Barry Penner bat the birdie back and forth over the net, shrug their shoulders and all that is lost if the truth.

What a perfect pair of vaudevillians.


diverdarren said...

David, if the groups you mentioned were allowed a seat at the table it would turn the inquiry into a "sham"

A quick look at the terms of reference and purpose of the commission shows no place for these special interest groups. These groups would try and use the commission as a soapbox to spread their message that; Its society's fault, If the government spends (wastes) more money on our group it would all be better, and a bunch of other blame game gripes.

The one thing you won't hear is any talk about personal responsibility. Being a prostitute/ junkie is a choice. A bad choice with bad consequences. Being a murderer is a choice (society didn't make Pickton a killer) A bad choice with bad consequences.

David Berner said...

Being a prostitute or a junkie is, indeed, a personal choice. We are agreed on that.

But choosing to be a prostitute does NOT mean that you should be served up on a platter to lunatics like Pickton.

Not does it mean that the police should ignore for years that you have disappeared.

When many women are disappearing, their chosen occupation should not be a deterrent for vigilant police action.

I was there, and I guarantee you, the ball was dropped.

This inquiry is a sop and those groups should be heard. They may have agendas, but it is possible that their agendas are more legitimate than Wally's.

Evil Eye said...

I agree whole heartedly with you David, this Wally-Opera is a farce, designed to whitewash the complete Picton affair.

How this once honoured jurist can debase himself with such a charade only shows his complete lack of moral compass.

It is a sad comment that for his failed attempt to secure a seat in Delta, they named a bus route after him, the "Wally Wagon", a mini bus that operates on a route that carries less than 10 people a day. A bus route with little or no customers, is a fitting epitaph for a failed politician presiding over an inquiry, with little or no official participants.

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