Monday, May 2, 2011


First, my son and I agreed that we were both voting Green. We agreed further that these were protest votes.

We were protesting, among other things, the fact that none of the four leaders was mensch enough to refuse the TV debate unless Ms. May was invited to join. That would have been the honorable thing to do, and any of those 4 gonovim (Hebrew for crooks) would have secured my vote by doing so.

Also we were protesting the "consortium" of TV execs who hold our democracy balls in their little hands and decide who gets to speak at a national debate.

This is a perfect microcosm of the real universe we occupy - business at the helm; democracy a Popsicle delusion.

So, Green Party, it was.

Then, last week I started complicating matters.

No, I thought.

I've got to help Harper get that majority.

I detest the demonetization of this boring, little man. Sure, he's an autocratic putz. Sure, he's no great coffee company. But he has been quietly managing the affairs of an unwieldy unmanageable country for several years now, so give the guy his mandate and let all the others shut up.

Then I realized that the Conservative candidate in my riding is married to someone I haven't had any time for in the past 40 years, so why would I vote for her? Everything is political and everything is personal.

Then I did about 17 fresh turns of thought.

I walk a lot and I'm not listening to tunes or yammering on my cell or texting. I'm just walking, so I get in a lot of mental wandering time.

So I started double and triple thinking and reversing and cutting back.

For a crazed moment, there I almost settled on the NDP, until I realized that it was David Eby, the NDP candidate in the Provincial bi-election next week, that I will be voting for a) because he's a good man and we could use him in the legislature, and b) because nothing could be funnier than having Premier Clark without a seat.

I don't know the Federal NDP candidate.

So, guess what?

I have come full circle.

Today, I am voting for Ms. Shaw, the Green party candidate in my riding.

I hope Ms. May trounces the hell out of that do-nothing fool, Gary Lunn in Saanich & the Gulf Islands.

At this point in time, almost any new voice will be a welcome change from the same old, same old.

Why are we such sticks-in-the-mud in this country? God forbid we should consider anything new or mildly different.

Notice that I have ranted for several minutes here and not said a word about a cert6ian other party that used to be big.

Soon, it will be very small and the geek who took it to the bottom of the hole will thankfully disappear from the front pages.

Finally, and on another note, I am voting to have Bernd Walter removed from office.

Walter is the head of the BC Review Board.

In recent weeks, it has been his pleasure to release into our communities several murderous lunatics, each of whom has killed people and is a crazy dangerous risk to us all.

Walter, in his light-headed liberal isms, has chosen to ignore good common sense and favor the dangerously crazy among us.

In one case, the public outrage was sufficient to have this stupidity reversed - the dangerous killer is back in custody. In the latest episode, the stabber stabbed again. Nice.

If we could vote on this man's employment, I would do so.

But of course, we cannot.

He is someone's cousin or lover or business partner or fourth at bridge.

I vote for him to leave his post at once, before someone else gets hurt.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I'm assuming from this post that Perry Goldsmith isn't your agent and he doesn't book any speaking engagements for you.

Good luck with your show.

Charlie Smith

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me?
David Eby- Pivot Legal Society - a defender of Insite and now the head of B.C.Civil Liberties(the same group that wants Bountiful's polygamy made legal???)

RossK said...

If only we had all voted so strategically Mr. B.