Saturday, May 14, 2011


So Christy Palin squeaks out a win in last week's bi-election.

That is, voters, taxpayers, citizens in a district say, "OK, we're witch ya kiddo. We're bettin' the farm on you."

Moments later, the champagne scarcely dry on her hair, the Squeak-By Premier shares her inner thoughts with us.

"Oh, you know, I'm thinking maybe in the general election which I will soon call I'll run in a different district. One where I'm pretty well guaranteed a walk-in. One where I don't have to be a Barrista-for-a-Day or actually participate in open debates."

Can you say, "Turncoat, Boys & Girls?"

Can you say, "Cheesy?"

Can you say, "Frightened, running blind and ambivalent?"

How about just NOT FIT TO GOVERN.

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Anonymous said...

Is Christy Clark cheesy? I thought her photo shoot, outside the election halls doors, rates as cheesy. Sure in the hell had no class. Just like a vulture. She was campaigning the voters walking through the doors, on their way in to vote.

Had Eby done the same. The press would have attacked him. Craig James of Elections BC would have had a totally different opinion on him, than on Christy. Mind you, Craig James is a personal friend of Campbell's. So that has to be considered also.