Thursday, June 16, 2011


Cutesy-Boy Puppet Mayor posed against a backdrop of burning police cars tells us with a straight face once again that "We are a World Class City."

You cannot write satire this rich.

These pointless, gormless, brainless thugs with no identity and no purpose feel ENTITLED to destroy public and private property.

There are riots these days in Guangzhou province in China and in Athens, Greece and in half the capitol cities of the Middle East. But these disturbances are about work and food and human rights and democracy. They are understandable.

We smash bank windows over a hockey game?

I cannot accept that the police had been properly organized and dispersed in the first place. If they had, not a tenth of the madness that ensued could have happened.

We have proven ourselves to be goofs and fools and most of us are deeply shamed.

Do these cave dwellers have families? Brains? Values?

Do we?


Gavin. said...

Is funneling 100,000+ people into our small compact downtown area attracted by large TV screens wise? The Olympics and their relatively well behaved crowds were a one off. The mess that is the misnamed "Granville Street Entertainment District" should have been a tip-off to the authorities as every week-end there is carnage, drunken boorish behaviour and the scent of open warfare in the air fuelled by men and women who can't handle their alcohol intake. Expand this to last night's riot and carnage plus the result of the game....and bingo! Riots after games are nothing new...Montreal 1955 (The Richard Riot), Montreal 1993, Vancouver 1994, soccer riots all over Europe and so on....this will happen when you have a winner and a loser. Is this our way of finally convincing the world that we too are "world class"...I sure as hell hope not.

Dylan said...

well put

Martino said...

I'm disgusted by the conduct of these losers. Probably the same lot who caused the trouble at the beginning of the Olympics.

I look forward to each and every person who gets what is coming to them thanks to the thousand and thousands of cameras that captured their heinous actions.

It's a shame Vancouver had its reputation tarnished last night...and it sucks because I was majorly busy at work today thanks to these hooligans!

Evil Eye said...

venit tumultus usque ad gaudium

To riot comes joy

This, Im afraid was the motto by the hordes of malcontents or "Vulgus regit" (the mob rules) that made Vancouver a world-class joke.

There is much finger wagging and blame, but unfortunately "plebem seditionibus" (the mob riots) and there is little one can do but send in the riot police.

Rioting after a loss at a sporting event is not new, it has been recorded happening almost 3000 years ago!

fatui fatui semper (idiots will always be idiots) and there is no law against being an idiot until the "amentibus bacchatur" (idiot riots)

All will be forgotten soon when the HST debate goes into high gear.

diverdarren said...

You're to critical of the police with your column. Vancouver is a town that, to say the least is wee-bit liberal minded. You can see our soft approach to crime and anti-social behavior everywhere; Critical Mass bike ride, a drug injection site, open air bazaars of stolen goods ect.

"The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police actions" Sir Robert Peel.

I would have loved to see the police unleash the dogs, and drive that pretty new tank of theirs right down the middle of Georgia street but the Vancouver public doesn't want to see real policing of the criminal element.

So stop being critical of the police for reflecting the soft views of society, be critical of the society that lets this happen.

keith said...

I hope voters will remember this at the next civic election. Mayor Moonbeam indeed.

David Berner said...

Dear Diver,

I welcome your thoughts.

But language like "So stop being..." just doesn't cut it.

I'll be whatever I choose to be, including critical of the police.

You may disagree, but instructions will be met with complete resistance.

Jeff Taylor said...

David, if you want to see the real reason our society is in so much trouble, please take a moment to read this blog written by a young woman whom recently came out from behind the riot's shadows. I couldn't believe what I was reading !

David Berner said...

Dear Jeff Taylor,

I have read with interest the blog post you quoted above and I have watched the video of her running out of the store with STOLEN GOODS, and I must say that I don't buy one word of it.

There is something essentially wrong with this young woman's character.

After her apology, she might try paying for the window and the STOLEN GOODS and cleaning up the city streets every night for a month or two.

She is like so many people sitting on the bus next to us.

She wears the easy veneer of civility, while not far below the surface she is a savage.

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