Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Comment Line

"It will happen again if Vancouver's idiot mayor continues to live in his own personal bike lane chicken coop dream world."




Anonymous said...

From what I see in BC. We had better go back to the times of WW11. We should all plant victory gardens in our backyards, on flat roofs and balcony's. We should all have chicken coops, and perhaps a piggy or two and a cow to milk. Bikes, are an excellent idea, or hay burners work too. We have to reduce fossil fuels 80%, by 2020. They thought the acid in the ocean, would stay out in the deep for decades. Well it hasn't, it is off the shores of BC now. The acid will eat away the shells of mollusks. Our oceans are dying, but what the hell. A few more tanker spills, or off shore wells exploding won't hurt. Or, what about the thirty ships sunk 18 miles from Italy? After all, what is a little toxic nuclear waste, dumped in the ocean matter?

There is a very poor growing season, all over Canada and other country's. I do believe, there will be food shortages this coming winter, in Canada.

Our young people are seething. Student loans in the thousands, and they can't even use their education. Taxed to death, for what? Greedy, corrupt, thieving politicians to piss our tax dollars away. There will be more riots, count on it. The rage is just barely beneath the surface now.

Diverdarren said...

Well, 13 is good with a pithy comment, framing your opponent as a country bumpkin and avoiding the issue is a tried and true political attack tactic.

But look at the issues. this town hasn't built a stitch of car infrastructure since 1985 (Cambie Bridge) but demand for the roads keeps growing. Do we follow the failed routes of other cities by building more infrastructure for cars? Just to be in the same place a few years down the road. Or do we look to new ideas like bikes and mass transit?

Tomorrows problems will not be solved with yesterdays solutions.

Anonymous said...

I fail to grasp what is so significant about that numb comment. But hell, folks have blamed everything else for the riots, but only here did I learn it was all the chickens' fault...........

I tend to agree with the first commenter above - food is already going cuckoo in price/availability and the forecast is worse and worser!

By the way don't even look at my chickens, cuz their eggs and legs belong to me...........(plus we're going out to burn some cop cars together tonight.

Anonymous said...

I suppose I didnt make myself clear. Gregor is an idiot. He invited 100,000 people to a very small venue. He did not provide security for the venue. He did not learn from the past and because of his lack of leadership the city suffered. So if you want chickens and bike lanes good for you. Next time Gregor throws a party stay home with your livestock. And Ive never seen anyone burn a bicycle so maybe they are the answer