Thursday, June 23, 2011


Two wonderful new entries in The Riot Stakes had me in stitches this morning.

Gawd! I love a morning laugh!

Here's the first:


Apparently, the secret words of the day - "trouble" and "riot" crossed nobody's happy lips at the Police Board meeting.

The Police Chief and the Mayor were both in attendance.


OK. That was pretty good.

But the second Class in Public Mythology 304 was even funnier.

Bike Lane Chicken Coop Puppet Mayor has assembled a Spin Group called 'THE VANCOUVER BRAND TEAM."


Ain't life here in Oz just swell, Dorothy?

The Team's job?

Glad you asked.

Sitting down?

Here it comes...

"Community Healing."

Isn't that nice?

I have a question.

When did this spittle borrowed from the lexicon of "grief counseling," enter the public realm and find spurious legitimacy?

If I hear from the mouth of another anchor desk newscaster the word "healing," I am going to hurl all over my tiny retro-TV.

The official story managers are all hard at work. The consultants are all on board. Full steamed latte ahead!


keith said...

The riot has finally wiped that post Olympic smug look off politicians faces.

Anonymous said...

Have you read this nonsense David? And to add to community healing, how about restorative justice . . . You can always count on good old Patti Bacchus.


Anonymous said...

Not to be outdone Christy Clark has hired her old pal Pamela Martin to be her director of "Outreach". Sounds like a great cushy job with touchy feely overtones. And at $130,000.00 a year no less. Of course we couldn't afford all those sheriffs but hey when a pal needs a job...

Diverdarren said...

Wait a second. Criticism where it is due.

On one hand slam the mayor for his granola crunching lefty ideas. "Bike Lane Chicken Coop Puppet Mayor" then you slam him for putting together a team to fix the image of the city. I would buy into your criticism if he appointed fellow granola crunchers, but Rick Antonson (CEO Tourism Vancouver) and Olga Ilich (ex-BC Liberal Minister of Tourism)
hardly the smelly-hippy type.

They sound like just the type to bring together major players to boost Vancouver's image.

Good or bad idea, I think you just like slamming the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how we with the help of well paid spin doctors can lose focus. There was a riot. The was a lot of property damage.
Mayor Robertson is the place where the buck stops.He screwed up at every turn. His poor judgment cost the city money and its public image has been hurt. He should resign. If he doesnt the voters should oust him. If the voters keep him then we should not feel sorry for Vancouver. The people will have spoken. They will get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

To Diverdarren

Maybe Mayor Gregor has really,really,really angered the major players?