Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pea and Shell Game

BC Federation of Labour President, Jim Sinclair has nailed it.

The HST can't be fixed.

And all the taxpayer money aimed at PR campaigns to convince us that it can is nonsense and misuse of public funds.

Look at this photo.

3 salesmen 3

Snake oil, anyone?


Anonymous said...

The HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar, and the teeny provincial deficit was thrown in, on that election lie as well. The entire globe crashed and BC didn't?? But, that wasn't Campbell's first election lie. The BCR wasn't for sale either.

The HST wasn't even legal. The HST wasn't even debated fully in the Legislature. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, fully intended to cheat the BC people. We were FORCED into the HST. The HST radar papers were on Hansen's desk, before the BC election. Hansen finally had to admit he lied. Besides which, the HST radar papers, went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. The three of them colluded on the HST, long before the election.

Harper, Campbell and Hansen, FIXED the HST. They can damn well unfix their dirty scam. And, Harper tries to pass himself off as a Christian. The three of them and Christy, are the lowest in character, i have ever seen, in any other politicians.

The lot of them, should be kicked right off the planet. Or in one of Harper's gulags.

Anonymous said...

I was initially in favour of the HST, but now there is talk of a second carbon tax in the Metro area to pay for transit. Vote yes to extinguish the HST.