Thursday, June 30, 2011


Where is the relief fund from multi-billion dollar SNC Lavalin, and their “ DEAR CAMBIE MERCHANTS: I LOVE YOU ” tee shirts”?

Where is any accountability for the many years of unmitigated relentless losses caused by the built-for-profit Canada Line project?

The healing needs to begin for merchants who have had their life’s work torched by all the Canada Line partners.


Riot relief fund for small businesses launched in Vancouver


Vancouver— Globe and Mail Update
Published Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2011 3:02PM EDT
Last updated Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2011 3:06PM EDT

Small businesses that are struggling to cover insurance premiums or other repair costs resulting from riot damages can now apply for up to $7000 from a relief fund co-ordinated by the Vancouver Economic Development Commission.

Contributors to the fund, called the Vancouver Restoration Fund, aim to raise $150,000 to help about 55 downtown Vancouver businesses that suffered damages to windows, doors, furniture, fixtures and equipment during the Stanley Cup riot on June 15.

Both Vancity and Telus have contributed $50,000 each, while sports merchandise store The Fan Zoo is hoping to raise the same amount from selling #DEARVANCOUVER: I LOVE YOU T-shirts. To The Point Tattoo will be donating a percentage of its revenues to the fund.

“Vancouverites were in need of a way to come together and show their pride and appreciation for their city,” said Bobby Atwal, president of The Fan Zoo in a statement. “This is about supporting the businesses that serve all of us in the downtown core and in many cases they missed watching playoff games themselves while they served us.”

Businesses can go to for details about applications and donations.


Anonymous said...

David I want to thank you for ruining my Thursday. I am a customer/investor of Van City. I have already written and phoned them to complain about their use of proffits to fund enviromental projects. Now they are giving 50 grand to help clean up Gregors mess. I will be calling and writting again early next week.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it Susan, but you would have been better off hiring some of the "anarchists" to loot the businesses on Cambie Street, rather than trying to appeal to governments and their corporate friends to cut into their profits to do what's right.

Evil Eye said...

Let us remember that the Canada Line is the only cur-and-cover metro project in the North America and Europe, that DID NOT OFFER A COMPENSATION PACKAGE TO AFFECTED MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS OWNERS.

A sad comment on a most inept transit project, as we have the only metro in the world that has less potential capacity than a LRT or streetcar line!