Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A few days ago, I wrote in this space about the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

It is an annoying and vexatious hybrid, a kangaroo court that operates outside any known laws and awards taxpayers monies in the most subjective ways unimaginable.

Now, in yet another case with findings that seem again inappropriate, a frightening little anomaly has emerged.

Turns out that employers have "a duty to accommodate people with any disabilities."


Any disabilities?

The meddling mandarins who determine such things not too long ago declared that drug addiction is a disability. There are many social workers, psychologists and other professional cry-babies who subscribe to this idiocy.


If drug addiction is mistakenly considered by society to be a disability, then according to the law, employers have a civic duty to accommodate their dope fiend employees.


So there will be a ten-minute time out on on the floor while Bert takes his methadone and Maddy stops by the nurse's station for her safe H injection.

And don't you worry your pretty little head about that whirring press with all those troublesome little gears and teeth and things. They are pretty well auto-piloted and even if Bert or Maddy fall smack-gob right into them, they'll just seize up for a moment or two and then we'll be right back on schedule.

We are a Caring Company and we know we are because we say we are and because the BC Human Rights Tribunal wrote our employee manual.

(Article 45BM-11 of the manual, by the way, clearly states that if a disabled addict employee has to miss a day or two to straighten out his or her last deal with their supplier or is too hung over or sick to poop or cut bait, NO PROBLEMO. We care. We really, really do.)


Anonymous said...

This is, in a single word, "sick". No wonder one of my very elderly elders said she couldn't wait to "get out of this place, it's more disgusting by the day". I'm beginning to agree with her!

Anonymous said...

David, I have some experience wih duty to accomodate. I am a shop steward and One of my fellow emploees was severly injured on the job 10 years ago. WCB screwed him and if it were not for the duty to accomodate ( This is also a federal law) he would not have a job. Likely not any job ever. Our employer has had to provide him with work he is stil capable of doing. Its a constant struggle as the duty to accomodate cause hard feelings for everyone. It pisses off the employer. It pisses of other employees that dont understand the legislation. By the way one of the duties of the employer is to make sure other employees understand duty to accomodate.Its been 10 years of headaches for the union that has to constantly push the employer to accomodate.

Jeff Taylor said...

I've been following this story as well. Just as interesting is the fact that for years now, employees that are in a union, have full protection from being fired. What's been happening is that if an unionized employee is found to be stoned on the job site, the company must do EVERYTHING possible to provide WHATEVER is needed to help that unionized employee become BETTER. See David, being a junkie, is in fact an illness - especially when us tax payers are paying the bills to allow these poor souls to seek the medical attention they rightly deserve ! Whatever happened to personal and professional accountability in this country ?

Leah said...

...it went the way of the Dodo bird.